thl-mended-heart-logo@2xConnecting 100+ Remote with The Humane League

“It’s like having a travel agent at your disposal,” she says. “I like that when you call you’re talking to an actual person at NexTravel.”
– Rachel Huff-Wagenborg, VP of Operations, The Humane League

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SuTAsSmpDjJ8rbI3NiVaLearning How to Travel Smarter with Platzi

"One thing I love about NexTravel is that we could customize it to meet Platzi's specific needs. Most travel booking platforms seem to be built for big corporations, but NexTravel can be customized for any business."
– Christian Van Der Henst, COO of Platzi

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mark-green-backgroundMaking Candidate Travel Painless with Greenhouse

"As travel became a more frequent occurrence in our interview processes, it was clear that having a standardized and less hands-on approach to candidate travel was a priority. NexTravel allowed us to maintain our high standard for candidate experience, allowing candidates the option of selecting their own flights, charging directly to Greenhouse's card"
– Melissa Lobel, Greenhouse

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Fair logoFair's Journey to Unify their Business Travel

"NexTravel has transformed Fair’s business travel by introducing a faster and more efficient process for our entire company."
– Dahni Bagdasarov Employee Experience Lead, Fair

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NexTravel-IconBusiness Travel Productivity Report

Business travel is often a source of burnout that companies either don’t realize or struggle to address. With the Business Travel Productivity Report, uncover the difficulties employees have with staying productive while traveling, and what steps you can take to understand the needs of business travelers better to mitigate the burnout symptoms.

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